See You Later Crimpy Faker

20 Feb

I love a good “talent wins” reality show. American Idol annoys me, and all the knock-offs are even worse (Grease: You’re The One That I Want is the safety school for American Idol rejects.)

I am a Top Chef and Project: Runway junky… the first cause it is food porn and the second cause it is nothing but bitchy queens with needles and really hungry girls. Plus the clothes are super cute or super train wreck.

Given that, you’d think I’d love Top Design. But it sucks. The judges are mentally challenged and the tag line “See You Later Decorator”??? Jonathan Adler, how dare you let those words tumble from your crazy face.

And then there is Kelly Wearstler. I don’t know who this crazy bitch is, or what she did to get on this show, except maybe she was the one that Seinfeld dated? Bill Clinton? Which one is she?

Oh she’s this one:

Yeah, I know everyone hates bitchy Margaret but her crazy is all about the mean. Kelly is the one to watch out for. I think she pees on the designers rooms before she makes her decisions like a dog marking territory.

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