And This, Ladies and Gentlemen, Is Why We Blog

23 Feb

Here is how it went down. And because it is such a weird story I realized, I missed blogging. I missed being able to write the story in my head for some random audience.

I woke up and it was raining outside, one of the few cold gray days that we actually get in Los Angeles. I was grumpy. Ben was grumpy. Harry misbehaved again and I was having one of those moments in a relationship where you wonder “are we on the same team?” It is true, sometimes I wonder if Ben and I have become a couple with binary possibilities — marry and have babies or break up. Either one feels as right as the other, if that makes any sense whatsoever.

Today is the day I have my first mentor meeting with my amazing mentee L. She’s in 8th grade and already a writer writer. She likes the hard work. She’s a born re-writer. She keeps re-writing even when maybe she doesn’t have to; she has all the qualities I have to learn and I love how much (seriously) she has to teach me. I’m not being corny, and this isn’t like an “out of the mouths of babes” thing. What I mean is that when you work opposite another writer and see how they do it, no matter how professional they are, you learn.

Anyway, to get there I have to drive but one of our cars won’t start, and so I ran 1.6 miles in 16 minutes (yes I measured) to get a Flexcar. In the rain. And then I grumbled my way to the library, calling a librarian and begging him to find L. “She’s like, in 8th grade, and has brown hair, and tons of safety pins, and wears ummm necklaces.” I’d be a killer witness, let me tell you.

The mentoring part was amazing, we are writing User Manuals for our brains. And then it took an hour to get the car back and an hour of walking in the rain, again, the 1.6 miles home.

I get home cold, cranky, wet, did I mention cranky. And I’m tired. And frankly I forgot the point of this blog already.

I’m going to try and start posting more regularly. I swear.

One Response to “And This, Ladies and Gentlemen, Is Why We Blog”

  1. z. February 23, 2007 at 5:04 pm #

    Um. Yeah. You better.

    I got all excited when I saw your blog in my feed reader & BethBlogs was in bold and had a (2) next to it. Like, really excited. You don’t even know.

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