Four loaded breasts with the safeties off scare a man into giving up money. Let the bra burning and wanton crime spree commence.

28 Feb

Bank Teller: But they were pointing right at me!

Bank Teller’s Boss: Did they appear to be ready to use them?

Bank Teller: They were ALREADY using them. That’s what was so scary. I didn’t know what to do. Most robbers threaten but these girls were brandishing their weapons. That’s the right word, isn’t it? Brandishing–

Bank Teller’s Boss: Yes, when you go to Mardi Gras and want to give away beads, you say “BRANDISH YOUR WEAPONS”

Bank Teller: So you understand. And the worst part was — the safeties were off.

Bank Teller’s Boss: I understand Bank Teller. Take the rest of the day off.

(it is possible the teller was scared of the sunglasses… Raybans, really girls? Raybans?)

ABC News

Sunglass Bandits on the Run in Ga.

Police Are Searching for 2 Females, Perhaps as Young as 16, Who Allegedly Robbed a Bank


Feb. 28, 2007 — – A pair of blondes walked up to a bank counter in a Georgia grocery store and demanded money from the teller before speeding away in an unidentified car.

There is no punch line here.

That’s exactly the scenario that played out Tuesday in a Cook County, Ga., supermarket.

Now police, using surveillance footage of the two sunglassed robbers, are sifting through a massive influx of tips.

“It’s only a matter of time,” said Wayne Delk, a spokesman for the Cobb County Police Department. “They’ve [the department] received so many calls and they believe they’ve got some good leads.”

The pair doesn’t exactly cut the mold of run-of-the-mill robbers, but police say that around lunchtime Tuesday, the two females, estimated by police to be as young as 16 and as old as 24, calmly handed a note demanding cash to a teller at a Bank of America branch. They were not armed, according to Delk.

The teller gave the two an unknown amount of cash.

“The person at the bank cooperated, gave them cash and they left the store,” Delk said. “We do not know what kind of vehicle they got into.”

The area is described as highly residential and a somewhat affluent part of the state. Delk also said there were multiple high schools around the area where the two robbers might be students.

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