Faith In My Readers?

3 Mar

Alright, so I feel a little bad. All of my blog feeds turn out to be because people are reading about how I don’t like Faith Salle. And I don’t know Faith Salle. She could be my neighbor… I don’t think she is, but she COULD be.

So I listened to some more of her shows. I’m not going to subscribe to her podcasts but I may have to retract my french manicure statement earlier. She may be a brown corduroy jeans girl. That would be a distinction given to a certain group of girls, all with seemingly the same long straight hair, brown corduroy jeans and vintage tops who followed Dave Eggers and hung out Brooklyn but not Park Slope.   I longed to be a brown corduroy jeans girl but have neither the address or folicular qualities required.  So is it jealousy?  Maybe.

Then again I may be overthinking this Faith Salle thing. Maybe I can obsess about someone else on PRI. Suggestions? Have you noticed how I keep talking about her??

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