From New York Magazine

6 Mar

Read the whole amazing piece by writer Mark Stevens here

    Unlike Madonna, Spears has never called her own shots. She is just a money-making toy adults sell children. The press rarely calls her “Spears.” That might suggest she’s human. She’s Britney, the singing Barbie. A concoction. She was first marketed as a child celebrity—beginning as a Mouseketeer—and then, when she filled out, transformed into teen cheese. Her mortification of the flesh at 25 is just the latest example of how bizarrely troubling American society finds the female body. (The current hysteria about anorexic fashion models, who treat the body as something to be designed, like clothing, is another example.) The sacrificial standard was, of course, set by Marilyn Monroe. It made perfect sense for Spears, after her mortification, to hide as Marilyn.

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