Currently Rocking My Sad Little World

17 Mar


Slacker Dot Com — a free online radio currently beta testing. It works like Pandora but will eventually integrate with a portable radio. Imagine Sirius radio, with pause and play, and you are designing the radio station playlists. Oh and no commercials. Still very Beta (it needs better drag and drop features) but worth checking out.


Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Acne Mark Fading Peel — Truth? When you start dating someone new, you break out because your skin is touching their skin and you are picking up all their body oils. When you’ve been with the same bedtime heat lamp man for four years and your skin still breaks out if you fall asleep with your face touching his (or your back touching his chest or really any part of your body touching his) you have to take drastic measures. This stuff, which is basically creamy salycillic acid and some other fun stuff basically takes the inevitable teen blemish, eradicates it AND gets rid of the bump and mark so you can wear a little concealer and be done with it.

write girl

Write Girl — an orginization I just joined that mentors young women writers. My mentee is rad and I totally love her.

The Lyrics to TV On The Radio’s Wolf Like Me which start –

Say say my playmate
wont you lay hands on me
mirror my lady
transfer my tragedy

Avoidance, Procrastination and General Writerly Malaise.

One Response to “Currently Rocking My Sad Little World”

  1. Shannin March 18, 2007 at 3:21 pm #

    I’ll have to check out slacker dot com. I love my iPod but I miss hearing new music that you get on the radio…

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