This is WikiCool

20 Mar

Over on John August’s self titled site he has put together something called a JaWiki which, in human words is a site that defines and describes, in clear, catalogue fashion, the terms you might/should know if you are going to attempt to conquer this business we call show.

So if you head over to “Gurus and Theories” you have Aristotle, Syd Field, and freaking Egri, who for me is the one that keeps me in the right writing head-space.

And if I sound a little crazed with excitement you could chalk it up to the super strong coffee I brewed in my new/vintage percolator.  Or you could see a little deeper and realize that this kind of information is why the internet rewards those who read.  And that writing, while certainly something you can claim you do, is an artform that requires technical know-how.  Seeing movies does not adequately prepare you for writing movies.  But you can save yourself a lot of money if you read these great works.

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