After Weeks of Coy, Blog Gets Personal

31 Mar

I had an entire post about Olmert and his refusal to acknowledge right of return in Israel. But fuck it. Because today is a day that was made for blogging. And if I just quoted an Elton John song, I’m really not sorry. Cause it is what it is.

Two days ago website Ain’t It Cool News posted a link to a leaked video we created for marketing, a viral video Ben and I threw together for a meeting where the suits told me they wanted to take my movie, hold it down and beat it until it screamed for mercy. And that I should say thank you. Because apparently this was the only way that my movie would get seen. Or as the bitchy queen said, “Don’t you care that we care that people should see your movie?” It was a “four square” problem which is marketing speak for “we don’t want to work too hard.”

Anyway, we liked the video and sent it to friends and there it was on YouTube languishing with 10 views. That was as of Wednesday at 10am. Then AICN posted something about it and between the post at 5:01 am and today at 7:18pm the video has been watched almost 75,000 times. Think about that. 75,000 people. Give them each a ten dollar bill and send them to the movies and you have an opening weekend of $750,000 with zero marketing. Imagine what actual marketing and support could do. Grumble Grumble.

It should make me proud.

But mostly I’m tired. The Mouse Murderer was here today to put down his guillotines of fun for the mice. And because he scared me and was sort of vaguely sexist (your husband can dispose of them, and hey, when did I become the person who let strangers assume I was married) I let him put down glue traps. And a mouse got stuck to one. Now before you start freaking out and calling me names please know that I spent an hour sobbing hysterically and removed all the glue traps and if the price I pay is mouse turds on our bed then fuck it. Cause I can’t see that ever again. I was on the front steps rocking and crying like a crazy person. So there is that.

And then there is the fact that it looks like we will have zero support at Tribeca. Zero. Nothing. No press people, no help getting press there, no money to fly our cast out, no party help, no help for anyone to do anything. And believe me, I’m ready for a fight. I’m ready to go to war with whomever will go with me against anyone who says the movie deserves to be treated so poorly. But there’s a lot I don’t know about this particular war and I hate that I have to make stupid mistakes and ask for favors. And frankly when I’ve done this before it has been for other people which makes the begging and groveling seem somehow less narcissistic.

People are quitting, people are throwing their hands up and saying enough is enough, we’ve fought too hard and too long for this movie and it is time to say “when.” I guess I don’t have that luxury and I’m not saying that looking for pity. Unless that pity will get me a free party space and/or a bar that will have us for the night of April 27th, a publicist or someone who can rock the publicity, a party promoter who wants to get involved and/or a website guru who can build me a flash site for free this weekend.

Then you can feel as sorry for me as you want. But save room for the mouse. Fucking mouse. I hate that I killed it. I really didn’t want it to suffer.

Wow what a way to get you to the video from the movie.

3 Responses to “After Weeks of Coy, Blog Gets Personal”

  1. Shannin March 31, 2007 at 1:08 pm #

    Great clip. I love the music – when will the soundtrack be out??

    Sorry to hear about the mouse. I cried when Jager injured a baby mouse and I had to dispose of it.

  2. winona Higgenbottom. April 2, 2007 at 2:22 am #

    I am completely your stalker.
    Talk to me about this NAB publicity biznit.

  3. Laura April 5, 2007 at 3:51 am #

    I live on a floor of 100 people in Georgetown and I would say 50 have seen this clip and are completely enthralled, and obsessed with that song! And I think 10 girls are going to try to get tickets for TIFF! Georgetown loves NAB!

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