Road To Tribeca Looks Like A Delta Flight To Me

20 Apr

I’m heading here for the next two weeks to blog about the “Road to Tribeca” which if I can figure out how to do the RSS feed or whatever the technology is called that silmulposts, I will do it. So I won’t do it. Cause I’m never figuring that sh*t out. But I will be back to blog about a book where a woman wants girls to bake muffins instead of give blowjobs and what may have been the best 15 minutes of television this decade has seen. I will probably blog about the movies I see on that other blog, but I will totally come back here to dish about going to ASTORIA to see Spiderman III. Just for reference I didn’t see Spiderman II. And I don’t believe Astoria is the new Williamsburg.

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