Back With A Boob!

8 May



This picture, and the accompanying breast-panic (a la gay-panic, the pretend disease people get when they are accosted by a gay man who wants to re-style them,) at the Strollerderby website demonstrates why the media and Hollywood, especially the paparazzi are fucktards distorting what little sense of reality we have left.

Explain to me why the paparazzi decided it was appropriate to zoom in on this image?  Are they fetishists who like lactation? What I think is so sad is that all the commenters assumed that Maggie G. waited until she was in the paparazzi’s veiwfinder to feed her kid.  Let me just say that the kid has no idea the photogs are there, and that the kid was hungry and the mom fed it (is it a girl baby or a boy baby?  I really don’t know.)

The photographers in the press corps and the paparazzi in general have (in my limited experience being photographed) a sociopathic indifference to their subject.  The subject is not human, not worthy of privacy or empathy.  By disassociating, the photographers convince themselves that the subject is “asking for it.”  It is a sick business, and whenever a celeb fights back and gets angry, that only fuels the paparazzi’s ability to view the subject as inhuman.  So a photograph like this, that shows a person being human, should be empowering.  Instead of tearing her down, why can’t we humanize her?

Anyway, I’m sure I’m the idiot for re-posting the picture.  But doesn’t context count?  For something?

One Response to “Back With A Boob!”

  1. Sleepynita May 9, 2007 at 9:38 pm #

    I think it is a great photo. Period. She is looking at the baby with such love.

    I gotta say it is nice to see someone famous breastfeeding, not just “saying” they breastfed (while running out their doors leaving the kids with a nanny and a bottle of formula). I personally breastfed and formula fed and had problems breastfeeding in public (LittleMan is an enthsiastic eater) so I bottle fed outside the house. I am jelous I couldn’t just do what maggie here is doing!

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