Congratulations to Johnny Vera…

15 May

Even though the whole “he looked effeminate” is really condescending the tone of the article does not diminish the accomplishment.  Drag cheerleaders are next.  Watch out!



Roosevelt prom queen a transgender pioneer.


By Diana Marcum / The Fresno Bee

05/13/07 06:05:54

The silver tiara matched his silver stilettos when Johnny Vera was named prom queen Saturday night at Roosevelt High School.

He’s the first transgender prom queen in Fresno — and possibly anywhere.

Vera’s win probably didn’t surprise anyone who had seen the prom queen candidates’ speeches Friday in the quad during lunch. Vera, effeminate and towering in heels, had wrapped his manicured nails around the microphone. (keep reading)

One Response to “Congratulations to Johnny Vera…”

  1. Shannin May 17, 2007 at 1:21 pm #

    This is great… I’ve been reading Christine Daniel’s (formerly Mike Penner) blog on She used to cover the Rams when Don did, and it came as a surprise she was TG. I say, rock on!

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