DVD of the Week

16 May

Garrett Williams’ feature film SPARK is being released on DVD by Warner Home Video, Tuesday, May 15th.

SPARK is the first title under Warner Home Video’s American Black Film Festival DVD Series label, from its partnership with Film Life Inc., an independent company recognized as the leading showcase of contemporary Black and urban films.

The psychological thriller stars Academy Award-nominee Terrence Howard, Nicole Ari Parker (Soul Food, King’s Ransom) and Brendan Sexton III (Boys Don’t Cry, Welcome to the Dollhouse). The film played numerous festivals, including Sundance and Berlin, won the Best Director prize at the Urbanworld Film Festival, won the Blockbuster/McKnight Film Fund Award, and was a Sundance Filmmakers Lab project.

SPARK tells the tale of a young couple stranded in a desert town. En route to Los Angeles from Chicago, Byron (Howard) and Nina (Parker) exit the highway to travel the backroads and see the sights when an unfortunate mishap strands them in an isolated desert town waiting for their car to be fixed. Byron’s impetuous and hotheaded nature quickly alienates him from the townspeople, but sparks an unlikely friendship with Mooney, (Sexton III) the garage owner’s troubled son. When Mooney snaps, his long-seething grief and anger over his mother’s recent death, as well as the loss of his beloved dog, triggers a plan of vengeance with far-reaching implications for the young, unsuspecting couple.

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