I Want To Be All Indie Rock, But Isn’t This Just Used Underwear?

30 May

Neko Case’s used corset on Ebay

Remember when Neko Case made music?

Singer Neko Case (sometimes of The New Pornographers) is selling a black corset she wore at a photo shoot.  Somehow this all reminds me of when Tootie was totally insanely in love with Jermaine Jackson, then she got backstage and gave him a statue which, if I remember correctly was from the Lionel Richie “Hello” school of 3-D art.  And Edna Garrett had this long monologue about how she remembered when all the girls were crazy about The Beatles and how the hysteria really bothered her.  And even though I went to a lot of Duran Duran concerts and screamed like Tootie did when she saw Jermaine, I always felt a little silly.  Because Mrs. Garrett had called me on it.  Even before I did it.  And somehow, the idea of buying Neko Case’s used corset, reminds of feeling kind of silly but screaming anyway because Simon LeBon was singing.


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