The Five Questions I Want Answered (FQIWA)

31 May

I’ve been struggling for awhile on how to (in my own sad, limited, hey did i get over 30 hits a day way) cover the elections and the current political climate.  Going after the representatives in the House and Senate for backing down from the very thing that got them elected — Iraq — seems great, but how without getting arrested?  Auctioning off a dog to support my sad “Gore/Clinton 2008 — The Way It Should Have Always Been” campaign?  Maybe we could all put on a show? About ponies.  And how ponies will never win the White House because they never lie.


Listening to Al Gore talk on Jon Stewart something started forming and I think, maybe, this time, I have it.

I have questions and I want them answered.  I want them answered by the government that is supposed to represent me.  The thing is, you have questions, too.  So here is what we are going to do.

Blog your five questions.  Link to all the other five questions you know of (either because you read someone’s post, or because you figured out “FQIWA” in Blog Search on Google is pretty damn helpful.)

And when we are done, lets see how many are the same.  And then lets send these questions out there to be answered.  We keep asking until they get answered.  They can be questions for anyone currently in public office (and that includes you Justice Department meatheads) or running for office (Mitt… oh Mitt.)

The questions are harder than you think.  It feels so easy in theory but it gets very Alladin and the lamp…so I’ll have mine up sometime this week, and if you get yours up first, so be it.

Oh and I think stealing as long as credit is given is totally okay.

3 Responses to “The Five Questions I Want Answered (FQIWA)”

  1. z. May 31, 2007 at 2:46 pm #

    Brilliant. I’ll get working.

  2. Jenny June 2, 2007 at 3:02 am #

    I have this set for a future post. Too bad your site doesn’t use trackbacks or pings.


  1. Five Questions I Want Answered | the so called me - June 9, 2007

    […] ran across a blog while I was surfing the net today. The owner had a great idea. The government has been doing a pretty half ass’d job with everything and anything they come […]

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