Okay… I am not totally sure of these, but here you go

4 Jun

The Five Questions I Want Answered

I think the point here is that I want the answers.  I don’t want to be told “you wouldn’t understand” or “it is complicated.”  I want the truth.  I plan on getting it.  In a legal, journalistic way, naturally.

For President Bush

1. If (more likely though, when) the Iraqi people vote in fair and open elections to have a time-line on the American occupation, will you honor that vote?

2. Every scientific study has shown that abstinence only education fails to protect our young people from deadly diseases, unwanted pregnancy, and unsafe sexual practices.  How can someone committed to “the culture of life” continue to put young people at such high risk?  How can honest sexual education with scientific facts hurt our children?

3. Why do you continue to stand behind people who claim to be patriots and yet consider themselves above the law?  I’m talking about Gonzalez lying under oath, Rumsfeld being, well, Rumsfeld, and your entire staff outing a CIA agent as retaliation.  How can you support people who won’t follow the law?

These Two are for the Democrats.  These are more of the “goddammit can you please just act like a human and stop being a slick friggin politician questions”

1. Why do you think that the American people won’t understand that bringing the troops back home is a patriotic act?  How come you didn’t honor your commitment to your constituents?  Basically why are you afraid to look tough? When did being a liberal democrat become the same thing as being a waffling mes, afraid to stand up for what you believe in?

2.  Screw the timetables, the strategies with big names, the dates and the rest of the crap.  Can one candidate stand up and say “I will pull the ground troops out of Iraq, and no matter what happens, as long as we are not in imminent danger I will not re-engage.  I will wait for Iraq to let its nascent democratic movement take hold?  Are you actually anti-war, or is this rhetoric to help you get elected?

One Response to “Okay… I am not totally sure of these, but here you go”

  1. eye-of-horus June 9, 2007 at 4:56 pm #

    “Shrub” and “Little Boots” are soul mates

    It isn’t so surprising that “Shrub” (bless you, Molly Ivans) bears a striking resemblance to the Roman Emperor Caligula in both appearance and style of governing.

    Both have pinched faces, close-set eyes, prominent ears. Both benefited from family connections. Both think they’re divine. Both are paranoid and delusional. They talk to god and get replies.

    Their whim is law. The Senate and the People are servile or powerless. Vast armies are sent on disastrous military campaigns. The state treasury is depleted and millions suffer. The rich thrive. Those who protest are “enemies of the State” and their goods are taken away and their lives ruined. The poor get handouts, a modest dole, and mindlessly diverting pastimes from worthless idols, religious and secular.

    A slide into the abyss can be slowed, not reversed. No significant political force exists which has not been enslaved by the Corporate State — including every wretched ephemeral babbler desiring to be the next Pres/CEO of a dead Republic.

    Shrub, like Little Boots, does more to catalyze the destruction of Empire than any external threat or internal disaster.

    This is not necessarily a bad thing.

    And . . . Carthago delenda est.

    copyright asserted 2007

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