Why Michael Vick Matters

5 Sep

Okay, I know, it has all been movies and screenplays and things about cancer but I have to stop and take a moment.

Because Michael Vick’s plea and conviction on dog fighting matters.

We live in a world where dog lives are not as valuable as human lives.  I understand that even though sometimes when I see my dogs I don’t really get it fully.  Still, even if you factor in the whole dogs are just dogs theory, using a living, breathing, harmless, eager to please animal for entertainment by forcing it through torture to fight is wrong.  We know it is wrong because if we found out our child was doing it, we’d take that kid to a shrink asap.  Because people who are capable of taking lives and using them for cruelty, who are amused by suffering, who find their amusement IN suffering are not going to stop with animals.

There will always be the relativist who says, “but what about football, or boxing,” and I will tell you that the people involved in those sports have voices and the power to say no.  How does a dog say no?  And frankly, don’t you think that after a few years of dog fighting the ability to hear no is replaced by the need to see cruelty to enjoy yourself.

Dog fighting is brutal, and pointless, and cruel, and wrong for every reason we know in our guts.  It isn’t a sport, it has no honor in it.  There is no beautiful history of dog fighting.  Even people who own and breed the Great Pyrenees, a dog whose lineage is directly from the “dogs of war” understand that they have an obligation to history not to allow the great 200 lbs animals to engage in violence.

You know what he did was wrong.  You want it to be right because you think he’s being vilified for being black and from the south.  That makes you uncomfortable so the little self-righteous voice in you says that you’ll be okay with dog fighting if it doesn’t make you a racist.  I think there is a way to realize that dog fighting and racism are both wrong and to come out against either one.  Just ask yourself, if I saw my kid cheering two dogs ripping each other apart, and training the dogs by torturing it, wouldn’t I want to help my kid before he did something worse?

One Response to “Why Michael Vick Matters”

  1. Shannin September 8, 2007 at 12:49 pm #

    This story brought me to tears on more than one occasion, mostly because I know what the fate of the 52 dogs will probably be. What really ticks me off is that this just makes it harder for those of us who do own pit mixes battle the perception of viciousness.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes…. 😉

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