TiVoIng Top Chef Finale (total spoilers)

4 Oct

Menus get chosen at the top of some mountain. Everyone seems to doing the same damn thing; nothing feels genuine except maybe Casey’s pork belly which sounds at least somewhere beyond the Hung does Asian (sorry but I think it is completely wrong to group Asian cultures together and call it all the same thing…)

The Sous Chefs. Rocco DiSpirto, Michelle Bernstein (girlcrush!) and Todd English (he’s so the James Spader in Pretty In Pink of chefs.) Pretty cool. Although they are also tasting the food which really seems weird. But okay.

Hey have you seen the All Bran ad. Freaking hysterical:

Rocco Dispirito is really sweet faced. I think he may be the devil. And to a certain extent I keep wanting Michelle to love something. Me, maybe?

Anyway I think the biggest problem here is that they seem to be overwhelming all the basic flavors. Instead of being inspired by the basic element in each dish they are serving. I guess as a cook I tend to think you serve your main ingredient and this feels like more taste first, elements second.

Fourth course? And then of course.. a sous chef. Old cooks. I hate this part of Top Chef. I think you should get someone who you have no history with and just have to deal. I don’t need to see the “drama”

First course: Hung’s Hamachi: boring. Dale’s Foie Gras — looks beuatiful and I love the idea of beets but they are really hard to incorporate. And Casey’s scallop and fois gras — love the apple, didn’t get the roe. Didn’t have to taste it to know that was weird.

Second course: Hung’s Shrimp with Palm Sugar: blah. BLAH. I really hate his cooking. It is so agressively self centered.

Dale: Seared scallop with greens and sweet corn. Looks good.

Casey has a poached prawn with rice cake which looks so freaking good. Man I want her to win. Why are they grimacing. Make it schmuck bait.

Hungs duck. Hey guess what. BORED.

Dale’s ragout looks amazing. He’s winning me over.

Casey. Yeah, the pork belly was overcooked but I liked the idea for the dish. Wrong?
Why do they like Hung? Why, why why? Do you see how hateful he is?

Last dish: Hung cooked a dessert. Dale’s lamb chop and Casey’s sirloin. Casey wins this round. So beautiful. And again, I loved what Michelle said. Did Dale cook his food in DUCK FAT? That is fucking insane. Poaching in fat. Huh. Funny I feel the same way most of the viewers do.. they love Casey.

God dammit why did they pick Hung? Mad. So mad.

3 Responses to “TiVoIng Top Chef Finale (total spoilers)”

  1. z. October 4, 2007 at 2:02 pm #

    I’ll admit, I voted for Casey. But by the end of the show, I just wanted her to SHUT UP & stop making excuses & trying to cover her ass.

    I agree with you that Hung was boring boring boring. I wanted Dale to win, at least from what I saw last night.

  2. Andrew October 5, 2007 at 7:13 pm #

    Thank god someone is finally bringing us a round as a nation to this topic so that we can get off of Britney’s kids.

    I have several thoughts on this topic. In no particular order they are:

    1) Dale’s “why I should stay” speech. Apparently not enough to get him the title, but the guy is a freakin’ media darling after that. Just the right level of misty-eyed sincerity. Almost forgives him for the so-last-season mini-mohawk. I smell Food Network development deal.

    2) Full-disclosure: I was pulling for Casey. That said, what’s the point of all the other challenges if it just comes down to a single battle-royale at the end? She smoked(must.fight.urge.for.lame.cooking.pun) both those fools in the elimination challenges. That means nothing!?!?

    3) The Hung vote was simply a ploy to retain viewership for next year…to spur irate viewers to tune in next year to see what crazy antics and absurd decisions the panel comes up with. Trust me, you’re never going to see Hung again (pending they don’t match him up with Gordon Ramsey in some ultra-lame ass-a-palooza reality show). Plus the dude’s best friends w/Marcel from last season. I smelled a rat in the first episode when that little nugget came out.

    4) Tom C. – i grow tired of his commentary. predictable, trite, boring. Bring in Anthony B. full time for next season

    5) Tom (Queer eye) – keep him around next season full time

  3. sara z. October 7, 2007 at 4:56 am #

    I finally caught up. I don’t hate Hung. But yeah, Casey is awesome and the problem with ALL of these dumbass reality shows I’m addicted to is the way they come down to what amounts to a blip in the overall scheme of things instead of the big picture. If real life was like that we’d all be suicidal. Like in part 1 of the finale when Dale forgot his honey sauce… In real life you could dart back out to the customer and go, “Oh, here is your honey sauce!” I mean, it’s one thing if it’s project runway or whatever and you’ve created this whole line of clothing that has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce and it fails. But FOOD is so dynamic and temporary, and easily fixable, and has value in itself. I mean, even if it is POORLY cooked it can sustain life! You can always put some Tapatio on it and call it a day. Anyway. I’m sure Casey will be fine. She might get more opportunities this way, who knows. I’m hungry.

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