When Was The Last Time You Tolerated a 300% Price Increase In Something You Use EVERY DAMN DAY?

10 Nov

Joe Crowly fights for affordable birth control. If you continue to wait until all of your rights are gone you will have only yourself to blame. Plus, how rad is Amber Tamblyn?

Birth Control Star Power

Restoring access to affordable birth control remains our major
legislative priority, and on Thursday morning we got some help from
one of our great House allies, Congressman Joe Crowley (D-NY).
Congressman Crowley has introduced “The Prevention Through Affordable
Access Act” (HR 4054), a bill that would restore eligibility for
providers like Planned Parenthood, as well as college health centers,
to obtain low-cost birth control. This BIPARTISAN legislation has more
than 100 cosponsors on the Hill, proving how many members of Congress
understand the need to get this crisis resolved.

And Congressman Crowley’s bill got some star power behind it, too,
when PPFA Board of Advocates member actor Amber Tamblyn spent the day
on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, meeting with members of Congress to talk
to them about this legislation. Amber is not only a talented actor,
but also a prolific writer who crafted a great op-ed calling attention
to the effect of skyrocketing birth control prices on young women. We
got to meet up with Amber while she was on the Hill, and together held
briefings for Senate and House staffers to talk with them about the
importance of this issue. See below for a great picture of Amber at
the briefing, and a big thank you to her, and to Congressman Crowley,
for working so hard to bring affordable contraception back to women

To Save Birth Control, CLICK HERE!

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