Teen Sex Isn’t The Death Of Society

15 Nov

The most dangerous thing for teenagers? Ignorance, repression and a lack of access to information. A few days ago the CDC chalked up a spike in STDs among teenagers to “better testing.” Which is, of course, bullshit. Teenagers are getting STDs because they continue to have sex but they do it in a society that doesn’t allow them access to birth control. They get pregnant because girls are told that sex is shameful and yet the key to happiness.

What is so shocking is that we continue to live like sex is dirty as the media pushes past intelligent sexuality into exploitative sexuality. Britney Spears isn’t famous for being a singer, she’s famous for being a pussy flashing, whore-like skank. And we all tune in. How did we manage to end up in a world where it is okay to watch a woman fall apart as we dissect her pubic grooming and at the same time we won’t teach our daughters about their own sexual desires? We’re not prudes, we’re hypocrites. We like talking about sex when it is someone else’s daughter.

From a University of Virginia study:
Early Teen Sex May Not Be A Path To Delinquency, Study Shows
ScienceDaily (Nov. 14, 2007) — A new study by University of Virginia clinical psychologists has found that teens who have sex at an early age may be less inclined to exhibit delinquent behavior in early adulthood than their peers who waited until they were older to have sex. The study also suggests that early sex may play a role in helping these teens develop better social relationships in early adulthood. (CLICK TO READ MORE)

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