This Post Requires That I Admit I TiVo Gilmore Girls

16 Nov

Which I do.  And I watch them. Even though I’ve seen every one at least twice.   I have no excuse or explanation other than Kim Gordon watches GG with her daughter.  So Kim is on my side.

But this post is not about GG which runs on ABC Family.  It is about Seventh Heaven, another show created by the Family Values Coalition (also the genesis of GG, which just goes to show, good things can come from wacky ideas.)  TiVo regularly captures the last line or lines of Seventh Heaven a show I have never seen.  But just based on the last lines, I have to admit I may be missing the best telenovela in English.  A sample:

Jessica Biel says to Barry Watson, the mom and the little sister (while crying) “It wasn’t just a hug, I’m sorry” and they all look stricken.  The info button says the episode is called Rush To Judgement, where Eric and Annie discover money is missing from the church.  Who are Eric and Annie?  Whose money is it? Who hugged teen chub Biel? Was it a teacher? Did he steal the money? Did she?

Shirley Temple Christian holds a lollipop and says “nope I’ve learned that if you really need help bad enough, life just gives it to you” and then some Mormon looking kid steals the lollipop.  Head shakes from the parents.  The story line?  Eric’s father returns to find problems in the Camden house.

“Truth Or Dare” ends with the parents getting busy.  The plot?  Matt’s friend goes on a date with Mary.  I get the feeling the parents were unable to fornicate for fear of Mary getting Magdalened.

“Christmas” just ends with everyone crying and leaving.  I’m not kidding.

Does anyone watch this show?  Who are these people?  What are they doing?  Is this the best show I’ve never seen?

One Response to “This Post Requires That I Admit I TiVo Gilmore Girls”

  1. z. November 16, 2007 at 3:08 pm #

    It is the best, worst show you will ever watch. And you will scream at the tv out of frustration, but you will not be able to stop. It’s a sickness.

    We weaned ourselves off of it a few seasons after they came back after being cancelled… it was ridiculous on the level of Roseanne & Dan didn’t win the lottery & Dan actually died.

    But yes, we watched it. & I know my co-worker watched with her daughter & they felt the same way as we did.

    Okay, I’m going to stop now, otherwise I’ll write a bunch of paragraphs on why I love & hate that show. But watch a few episodes… and let’s talk about it the next time we see each other. I guarantee we’ll have a lot to say. Maybe at your wedding? Hahah. 😉

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