I Broke My Toe and Cried To Time Warner

5 Jan

Two days ago I thought it would be a good idea to walk into the bathroom. To pee. Because that is where we keep the peeing place, aka the toilet which is by the bathtub. And then the bathtub attacked me. There was an audible crack.  See that white spot?  That’s where the bone is broken.  See all the purple and blue?  That’s cause I’m harcore punk rock.


Then last night our cable modem went out. Not because of the monsoon.  No.  Because we didn’t pay the bill.  We didn’t pay the bill because for the last month I’ve been at war with Time Warner Cable.  They wouldn’t let us pay on-line because they claimed we had a late payment in June, but until December it didn’t have any effect and then (see if you can follow this logic) we had to have six months of paying on time since the last late payment (which wasn’t late) to re-instate on-line bill pay.  Everything about it was wrong: not letting people pay on-line makes it harder, not easier to pay on time.  And they wouldn’t take a credit card over the phone.  I wrote letters.  I called people.  I was mean, I was friendly and nothing worked.  Today Ben went out to pay in person and every single “Pay Location” was closed or didn’t exist.

So I spent 20 minutes on hold, spoke to Omar in Customer Service, cried and he let me pay by credit card.

There is no moral to this story.  It is nihilistic at best.  Happy Weekend!

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