When Being A Crazy Cat Lady Stops Being Funny

18 Jan

COUNTRY CRITTERS IN THE CITY NEED HELP Approximately 100 goats, chickens, turkeys, pigs, an emu, llama, and one pregnant horse —along with over 185 dogs — were abandoned at a farm without shelter, water, or food. Working with L.A. County Animal Regulation & Control, area dog rescue organizations and other sanctuaries, Animal Acres rescue staff and volunteers have been working to remove suffering animals from the property, and provide food and care for animals still left behind.Animal Acres rescuers on the scene found dead dogs in wheelbarrows, and the farmed animals did not have any food or water . One of the pigs could not stand because his hooves were severely overgrown. Most of the sheep and goats have upper respiratory ailments, pink eye, and mange. Two of the sheep are blind in one eye, and all of the sheep and goats have eye infections. The animals were forced to live in filthy puddles and dirt in 30 degree temperatures without any protection from wind or rain. The stench was horrific.
Gentle Barn http://www.gentlebarn.org/ is the organization who is doing the hands-on caring for the dogs, cats and others.
Here are the list of the animals:
– 180 plus dogs
– 30 cats
– 40 chickens and turkeys
– 100 goats and sheep
– 1 Llama
– 1 Emu
– 1 pregnant horse
– 3 potbellied pigs (one that can’t stand)
– and a 600 pound farm pig.

Preliminary list of items that Gentle Barn needs to care for the animals:

– 200 collars (different sizes)
– 200 leashes
– 30 bags of dry dog food (50 lbs/each bag) to last till next
Wednesday 1/23/08
– 100 big clips to secure water buckets to chained link fences, so
dogs won’t kick the buckets and no water left to drink.
– 200 blankets
– Bleach (40 gallons)
– 15 Flat oversized shovels,
– 15 metal leaf rakes
– 50 pooper scoopers
– 200 plastic trash bags
– 50 food/water containers no more than 2-3 inches height for small,
short dogs (must be able to reach the content inside the containers)
– $8,000 for spay/neuter 200 dogs at $40/each.
– $12,500 (est) about 50 needing immediate life threatening medical
attention, about 10 pregnant females.
– $800 (est) for transportation costs to move 50 dogs from Lancaster
to Acton, and to vet offices.
– 25 volunteers to care for the sick dogs which will be transferred
from Lancaster to Acton (currently in rushing mode to have some type
of temporary shelter to be built, so they can be cared for).

Donations may be made through PayPal at: http://www.gentlebarn.org/id17.html OR http://animalacres.org/donate.html

Who do I contact about volunteering my services or donating supplies?
Please contact Desiree at Gentle Barn: (661) 886-0901 (ok to call her 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) OR Lori at Animal Acres: 661-269-5404 /email:

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