Someone To Lead, Someone To Follow, Someone Tell Me What the Hell To Do.

27 Jan

So, in case it wasn’t horrifyingly clear to you, I consider myself a liberal with some libertarian tendencies.  This generally puts me on the side of the Democratic party because their stand on social issues (abortion, gay rights, civil liberties) fits into my own moral code even though politically, technically speaking, I’m more of a Republican, which is to say that I believe that the federal government should stay out of our moral and social lives as much as possible, only making laws that protect public safety and the pursuit of happiness.  When a Republican supports a measure to ban gay marriage through constitutional amendments he’s strayed way way way off the party’s origins.

So I haven’t really done a compare and contrast on the Republican nominees.  They seem desperately similar, with the exception of Guiliani.  I’ve lived under the Guiliana Rule of Totalitarian Consumeristic Booms and I wouldn’t choose to do it again.

On the Democrats side I’ve long been a Richardson fan, and let me tell you that turned out just as well as it always turns out for me in the primaries.  I like the most reliable, honest, well spoken, skilled and experienced guy in the field.  He doesn’t last two minutes.

I’ve also had some love for John Edwards, despite the fact that he has a hard time believing in anything long enough for anyone to give him a real track record in terms of votes and leadership.  He’s cute though, and I love me some Elizabeth Edwards.  She’s the shit.

The race, lets be honest, has come down to two options.  And for a lot of reasons I’m torn.  At first I thought I was torn over the pros and cons of both candidates.  Obama with his proletariat message and ability to stay funny and on subject in debates.  Hilary with more experience and a well qualified, well oiled machine.

But the truth is, the decision is becoming more about who pisses me off less.  I don’t appreciate the lack of confidence Hilary has shown in the American people.  When asked in the last debate about her relationship with lobbyists she gave this blah nothing answer.  Why not say, “In an economy that is fading I’m not going to say no to anyone who has a good idea about how to better create employment in this country, on how to get out of debt, how to stimulate the economy.  The American people are not stupid, they know that corporations are here to stay and that they are an essential part of our current America.  To think that the American people can’t understand that I can work with lobbyists and accept financial contributions in a way that reflects our common beliefs is to tragically underestimate the electorate.”

No, instead we get this mish mash version of the following truism for both parties: We think the American people are stupid.  We love this democracy and all that it stands for, but we do not believe that the people living in this country can understand anything beyond binary.

I don’t share that belief and it makes me sad when I see candidates who think that a Nascar dad can’t possibly understand the need for the morning after pill or that the green movement yuppies can’t understand the need for structure within Iraq after withdrawal.

At some point we have to find for ourselves a candidate who believes the best in us is possible and who treats us like the citizens we are meant to be.  In many ways, Obama is more that candidate.  And yet I still am not sure who I will vote for on February 5th.  I can’t separate my Aaron Sorkin esque need for intelligent debate with my pragmatic need for strong leadership and a new direction for this country.

But I like this country a lot.  No joke.

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