The Wedding Mix You Created

11 Feb

For our wedding we asked our guests to suggest songs and from this list and our own crazy big combined music library we created a playlist that we are really proud of.  Here is a “Best Of” list of some of the songs we were sent, including mp3s to download when available (meaning DRM free) so you can hear what we heard.  Actually mostly what we heard was a kind of whirring sound and a little high pitched voice saying ‘yooooou got married!’ which turned out to be one of the Boy Scouts having a sleepover with 399 of his Boy Scout friends.  Boy Scouts are weird.

Anyway without further ado… the work in progress known as Ben and Beth’s Wedding Playlist (check back, I’ll update the uploads this week as I get them)

Nothing Matters When We’re Dancing by The Magnetic Fields
chosen by: us, this was our first dance.

Message Of Love by Pretenders
chosen by: Our LA family aka Wendy and Jill. Sexy, smart, and beautiful. The song and the girls. I spazzed out and forgot they had a toast for us and now no one will ever hear the story of how we met and all the bad things we’ve done together. We love these two so much and it meant so much that they were there. They will probably never know how much.

God Only Knows by The Beach Boys
chosen by: Wendy/Jill and us… our back up first dance song along with Lay Lady Lay and I’ll Be Your Mirror

Center Of Gravity by Yo La Tengo
chosen by: Andy and Henrietta Graydon who couldn’t make it but have great taste in music

Red Right Ankle by The Decemberists
chosen by: Dan Glasson and Lisa Pertoso. This is just a beautiful romantic song. We had a really hard time because they sent us a lot of songs including Gotta Have You by The Weepies and Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In The Sky.  This one just felt most like us.

Spit On A Stranger by Pavement
chosen by: Miles Corkern and Jenny Sullivan
It may not sound like a great wedding song but it was our choice for the first song post toasts and we’ve been obsessively listening to it since the wedding. It is Miles and Jenny’s song and if you want to see happy/sexy/funny/awesome marriage in its purest form, hang wth these two. They make babies and family look cool.

Friends Of Mine by The Zombies
chosen by: Jessica and Mike Thompson. Without whom there would have been no wedding since they self united in a beautifully perfect way and they made it seem like something we could do without being stodgy or lame. Plus they bacheled with us like champs.

Multiply by Jamie Lidell
chosen by: the newly married Will and Kate Glasson who set the bar high with their perfect ceremony and reception in Portland. We said the phrase, “But at this wedding in Portland” about seventeen majillion times because basically we wanted what they had.

All Seven by Prince
chosen by: Max Roman.

Los Garduras Pauate by Buena Vista Social Club
chosen by: Jessica and Alex Israel, who hosted my wedding shower and are even more dog obsessed than we are.

Love Potion No. 9
chosen by: Judith and Richard Meyer. Seeing them dance to this song at the wedding was a major highlight for me. So sweet and fun and perfect.

A Kiss To Build A Dream On by Louis Armstrong
chosen by Ari and Julie Blitz. I am going to love Julie forever and do whatever she wants because she said I looked like Mary Quant. Plus they were way too much fun to hang out with.

Magic by Olivia Newton John
chosen by Pilar DeMann and Sebastian Tillinger. Because they know.

Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (mashed with The Police Every Breath You Take)
Every Car You Chase
chosen by Jade… my Unicorn.

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