Ben Gets Honeymoon Fever

26 Feb
Ben Gets Honeymoon Fever, originally uploaded by Bethshax.

I just found this photo; we are at LAX and I was being my normal crazy pre-flight self — unable to stray too far from the gate, anxious. Really, you have to admire a man who will marry someone so insane.  I also believe his hand has magical powers which keep the plane aloft, and that it also keeps the plane from crashing when it lands.  This magical hand power isn’t diminished by his wedding ring as far as we can tell, but if given the choice between magical hand power and wearing the ring, I take the magic.  The magic every time.

One Response to “Ben Gets Honeymoon Fever”

  1. z. February 26, 2008 at 2:45 pm #

    I have similar plane freak outs…. that usually involve me needing to get to the airport insanely early JUST IN CASE.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! xox

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