Moe Needs A Home (And You Have Some Love To Give)

26 Mar

I mean, COME ON, this is the cutest pitty boy I’ve seen in a long time.

From Rick, who rescued him.

Last Thursday while filming in South L.A. I came upon a Pit Bull in the back yard of an house. He was very thin and quite hungry. It seems the owners moved about a month ago and just left the dog in the fenced yard. Some kind neighbors would leave food and water every so often. The dog is very, very sweet and submissive. He walks right up to you and wags his tail. On Saturday I drove down to South Central to pick up the dog. To my surprise I found the dog tied up to the fence and an animal control officer getting ready to take him to the pound. He decided to let me take the dog. Moe (as I call him) is 3 years old and now at VCA Lakewood Animal Hospital. He has been undergoing tests and treatment for his severe neglect. He is negative for both heartworms & mange and has been treated for ticks & fleas.

Here are two videos of Moe pre- and post- rescue:
you tube # 1
you tube #2

Email Rick if you are willing and able to foster or adopt Moe.  MOE! is what I want to call him.  MOE! is not socialized with other animals but that has more to do with experience so an experienced animal owner may be able to make MOE! part of their pack.  Pitts DO NOT HAVE MAGICAL LOCKING JAWS, DO NOT HAVE A GENETIC PREDISPOSITION TO FIGHT AND ARE NOT BRED TO KILL.  They are easily trained, so eager to please that, combined with their strength, people have been taking advantage of their eagerness and strength for years in dog fighting.  There is zero difference in danger between a well behaved beagle and a well behaved pitt.  And behavior is not innate, it is learned and shape by owners.  All this to say, people who post “pitt bulls are dangerous” will be banned for life.

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