Oprah Made Me Cry — And I Just Kept Crying

5 Apr
Here’s the thing that was amazing about the piece.  She used all the elements of the PETA campaigns but she did it with respect for her audience.  She showed the mills and she showed the euthanasia process which is about the most heartbreaking thing I have ever seen.  Ever want to reach through the screen and save every dog you see?  It was outrageously hard to watch.

Puppy Mills on Oprah!

March 31, 2008 : 10:57 AM

You watched the show–now what?

As we all know, Oprah has incredible power to influence millions of people with her show. People who might not have heard of puppy mills. Join Best Friends in saying thanks Oprah, for exposing this issue to millions.

Take action! The public is extremely powerful; if we all make a concerted effort together, maybe we’ll see an end to this inherently cruel industry. Here are things you can do:

1.) Click the button to send your thanks to Oprah:

2.) Join our coalition:
It’s free, fast, and you will become part of Best Friends Animal Society’s campaign to stop puppy mills and increase pet adoptions. See that gold star on the upper right of the page—click it!

3.) Get active in your own community:
To download “What One Person Can do to Stop Puppy Mills”click here.

4.) Adopt your next pet:
We understand you may have your heart set on a puppy, or a particular breed. Don’t encourage puppy mills puppy mills by buying pets in stores! We guarantee that your next perfect is waiting for you at one of the thousands of shelters or rescue groups across the country—and they’re not hard to find if you take the time to look responsibly. First, visit your local shelter. If you don’t find the right pet there, rescue from online:

One can also find a dog by contacting a local breed rescue organization by searching www.google.com. Enter a city or state, the breed you are looking for, and the word “rescue.”

5.) Tired of pet stores in your community? Let them (and potential customers) know:
For information on how to hold a peaceful rally in front of a pet store, Click here.

6.) Help 300 dogs rescued from a puppy mill in Georgia:
Right now, over 300 dogs are in limbo while their breeders fight felony and misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. The dedicated rescue groups who have been holding the dogs in protective custody for over a month need help from the community. To read their story and learn how you can help the dogs, click here.

7.) Wear your opinion on your shirt:
Do you agree that puppies aren’t products to be manufactured in America’s puppy mills and sold in stores like inventory? Say so! To order a “Puppies Aren’t Products” shirt, Click here. All proceeds go to Best Friends’ puppy mill campaign.

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