Oh So Close, but Noes

19 Apr

Look, I’ll admit I get a thrill from the whole Scientology battle.  They may be cultists or just a really creepy religion.  And the people who fight them seem to doing it out of deep concern for their family/friends/fellow famous adjacent people.

So the Jason Beghe (really, be-gay is how you pronounce it?  I thought it was beige with a hard g.  Be-gay? REALLY?) video is out and posted and then gets pulled and then this little Xenu fighter posts his video.  And it sounds pretty interesting.  Until the end.

Dude, please tell me you didn’t just call Obi Wan Kenobi a wise and wonderful man.  You’re fighting a religion that believes in aliens and you just referred to a fictional character as real.  Seriously.  Just go home.  You don’t have big enough fight in your dog.

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