While you are pre-ordering the Wii Fitness on Amazon

25 Apr

Blair Mastbaum’s new novel, US ONES IN BETWEEN, comes out soon from Running Press. Please, please, please, please, please buy it!!!!!!!! If you don’t, he will starve to death. You can pre-order now from Amazon and Powells.

Amazon link



Us Ones In Between is a story of sexual obsession turned violent in New York’s East Village. Kurt can’t get over his ex-boyfriend, and when his failure to reconnect becomes more than he can handle, the line between fantasy and reality becomes blurred — and even Kurt can’t be sure he’s not responsible for the killings making local headlines…


‘Blair Mastbaum’s meticulous, addictive, secretly beautiful prose and spot-on, energized, wayward gift for narrative are extraordinary enough, but there’s something else too — a kind daring and mindfulness and ringing of the imagination’s bells that puts Us Ones In Between more in league with the music of great adventuring queer bands like Deerhunter and Xiu Xiu than with the lawful fictions of other young novelists. I’m just thrilled and massively impressed.’ — Dennis Cooper (The Sluts)

“Just when you thought you never wanted to read another book about disenfranchised youth living on the edge, here comes Blair Mastbaum’s lovable main character Kurt Smith. Mastbaum tells his story with humor, rawness and grace.” — Darcey Steinke (Easter Everyday)

Blair Mastbaum is the author of the Lambda Literary Foundation award-winning ‘Clay’s Way,’ which was placed on the New York Public Library’s ‘Books for the Teen Age’ List.

One Response to “While you are pre-ordering the Wii Fitness on Amazon”

  1. Blair June 6, 2008 at 10:21 pm #

    Beth! How sweet that you did this. I just found it through google. Ha. Thanks dude!

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