What I Have Learned From The Leaked SATC clips

12 May

Leaked clips at BlackFilmDotCom.

  1. Girls will be feminists until their olderish, rakish, faux Frank Sinatra boyfriend/fiance buys an apartment for them.  Then “we can afford this” turns into “you are SO getting a BJ tonight!”
  2. It is okay to chew with your mouth open if you are doing it to underplay your engagement.
  3. There are so many single, sad, desperate women in NYC that the announcement of an engagement after 10 years of dating results in thunderous applause from the ladies, but seeing as the wait staff are all bitter gays, no free drinks.
  4. When you don’t wax, invisible hair grows and makes your friends throw up.
  5. When you have four friends one of them is always the annoying one (this one is tots true)

Here is my prediction.  Unlike watching football in a bar, which is a fun, groupthink, “we’re all in it together” experience, watching a TV show that was cloying at best on a huge screen is going to be painful.  Arduous.  Get hazard pay for it.  There are a million reasons to make a movie out of a TV show.  Finally answering the nonburning question, “what happens to four shrill harpies,” isn’t one of them.

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