A September 10th Mentality

18 Jun

After Barack Obama spoke in support of SCOTUS’ decision to allow Guatanamo prisoners to access the federal court system to appeal and progress their cases, based on the basic premise that these prisoners should be afforded the habeus corpus protections of the Constitution, John McCain claimed Barack Obama had a “September 10th Mentality.”

My first thought? Thank god he does.

Then I spent the better part of the evening thinking about this phrase, the “September 10th Mentality” and the idea that after September 11th we understood the world as it really was and were no longer “innocents.”

I want a President with a September 10th mentality; one who sees the Arab world as a place with potential and not as a place that requires complete and total destruction. Because lets be honest about our current President’s plan. If we were really honest, we would admit that after 9/11 we were so hurt and angry that we allowed the leader of the country to transform us from a country to a empire. We are the invaders, and because we lost so many we felt as if we deserved to destroy a foreign country. What pisses so many off about President Bush is not that he transformed us into an empire but that he didn’t go after the people who really deserved our first strike capabilities.

So, given the choice, which would you rather have? A President with a September 10th mentality: a belief that peace and prosperity is possible if you advocate peace and prosperity or a President with a September 12th mentality: a belief that we have every right to rain down untempered punishment on whomever most looks like the enemy we believe we may have.

I don’t see the 9/12 guy leading a country I want to live in.

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