Why Matt Dentler Is Right (and why it also matters)

4 Jul

Because the future of independent film is about distribution.  Because finding the right home for smaller movies guarantees a future voice for independent filmmakers who should not and can not survive in the world Mark Gill calls independent film (specialty films that crossover are simply too rare and not financially or artistically realistic.)  Because there is a way to make the internet a place where people watch arthouse movies.  Because VOD and DVD aren’t bad words:

Dentler and C.R.M. recognize that the tipping point for online film consumption hasn’t been reached yet, though they anticipate rapid growth soon. (In this, they’re not alone. The Web video site Jaman boldly, if somewhat self-servingly, predicts that the online video distribution business worldwide will grow to $12 billion a year by 2012 from the current $2 billion.)

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