Blog Post Reboot. Remember This?

8 Jul

From 2007:

Is it just me?

Or has Molly Ringwald’s dress in Pretty In Pink started growing on you?

It only took 21 years. But I kind of like it now.

I think someone (Z.) told me I was crazy. Which I am. But look at this:

From LAT

PRETTY IN PINK, 1986 I was so not responsible for that prom dress. There were a lot of clothes that I liked a lot in that movie. I still have that corduroy Chinese jacket that I wore and the outfit from the scene in the music store. But the prom dress was an idea that the costume designer came up with. I couldn’t stand it. When we went back to reshoot the end, I tried to get them to use a different dress but they would have had to reshoot a few scenes. I always thought that my character Andie was a good designer. But the dress is so iconic. I am sure that a designer is going to come up with a collection based on it.

One Response to “Blog Post Reboot. Remember This?”

  1. Jenny July 10, 2008 at 4:52 pm #

    Yes, you are crazy. I believe that dress is still one of the most wrong things ever. I did love the Chinese jacket though.

    Which long drive home did you make?

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