It is the same thing, and I cry both times, but for totally different reasons.

28 Aug

First this:

I cry because they are so happy.  But so sad.  I mean, imagine one of these ladies is your mom.  And a year after she blows a gasket and pees her granny panties because she got a frigidaire and a new cashmere sweater set (and lets just put a pin in how these gifts just reinforce the whole ‘this is what a lady is’ mentality Oprah loves… I mean, give these bitches some shares of Apple or something!) anyway, imagine that your mom is on TV having a fit. Now imagine a year later you tell her you got promoted at work, are giving birth to George Clooney’s twins and you managed to turn your 5K investment portfolio into 15K in one year.  She’s going to be happy.  But will she be this happy?  Are these women this happy when they get a promotion?  Get married?  Finish their novel?

So every time I see this I cry. Cause these women make me so sad.

Then I see this:

This is hysteria I can get behind.  That Americans, after all we have been thru, can still be THIS excited about democracy makes me hopeful.  Yep.  Hope I can believe in.

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