Sarah Palin Is Not The Problem

8 Sep

Okay, now that we’ve all gotten over the whole “lady who kills animals and can’t get her facts straight” knee-jerk reaction, I want you to think about something.

If you were John McCain facing a dynamic candidate like Barack Obama, how would you win?  You know you’ll look like George Bush in the debates, you know you can’t distance yourself from him enough and you know you seem old and out of touch, not to mention rich and clueless.

You can’t win on the issues, because the issues have us at war, in a recession and facing a massive housing crisis.

Here is how you win.  You find a lightning rod.  Someone people will hate and judge and laugh about.  You make her your VP pick and then you call them small minded bigots when they attack her.  You paint everyone who is against you as anti-American. You paint the media with one US Weekly brush and you keep painting until everyone feels too dirty to vote for Obama.

We can’t let this happen.  On the issues, on the things that matter, John McCain is wrong.  He is not going to help Americans live better lives, and he’s not going to be good for the planet.  He’ll roll back women’s productive freedoms and he’ll get a Constitutional ammendment passed banning gay marriage.

Stick to the facts.  Palin is a bad choice but she’s not the real problem.  The problem is a Republican party that believes in wiretapping, invading the country that Osama Bin Laden is NOT in and protecting the titans of industry.  The problem is McCain is a Republican first and an indpendent thinker second.  The problem is they want to win and the Dems want to lead.

Stop sending out petitions about Sarah Palin.  You’re helping them win.  And you’re making it harder for Obama to campaign.  Stop.  Think.  Get everyone you know to the polls and get them to vote.  Don’t give in to this sad strategy.

One Response to “Sarah Palin Is Not The Problem”

  1. Jenny September 9, 2008 at 2:41 am #

    Damn, girl. You said a mouthful.

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