Hilary Supporters Who Now Support McCain — I am Absolutely Positively Done With Your Ignorance

15 Oct

I get it.  You think he stole the DNC Convention.  You want a recount.  But you are throwing yourselves in with the absolute worst of America.  Stop it.  You are wasting time and resources.  Maybe you are right in the smallest world view.  But in macro terms you are dead wrong.  I’ve seen the pro-Obama material.  I’ve seen a lot of it.  Nobody calls him a cracker who hates women.  Nobody calls his wife a shrill bitch as a way to win votes.  They could.  But they don’t.

I’m horrified by the registered Republicans but I am furious with the Democrats who are voting for McCain.  Beyond furious.  Call you by your whole name send you upstairs without supper for a month furious.


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