Guess Who…

17 Oct

“I think Sarah Palin is creepy actually.  Creepier than McCain. But you know I think my beliefs have been very liberal my entire life, so naturally I’m voting for Obama. I used to think that McCain wouldn’t make a bad President to be honest, but I think this election has exposed so much ugliness that its just cemented my beliefs.”

Pundit, poetess and writer-chick Diablo Cody thinks her beliefs have been liberal her entire life?  Was she not there the whole time?  I like Diablo Cody, I like any girl who makes it easier for women to be taken seriously in Hollywood and she’s done a lot in that regard.  She comes perilously close to undoing a whole lot of it when she says things like this.  You’re a writer.  Words are all you do.  Do em gooder.

One Response to “Guess Who…”

  1. sentinelangel October 21, 2008 at 6:46 am #

    Sarah Palin is the quintessential scary librarian, or maybe the younger church lady who already knows she’s doomed to become an OLDER church lady. They both have that artificial niceness… Kool-Aid sweetened with too much saccharin and just enough arsenic. That “bless your heart!” niceness that shakes off its mask and bares its decaying fangs only after it’s sure you’ve turned a corner and will be none the wiser.

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