Girl On Girl Violence

22 Oct

Over on Jezebel, one of the best blogs in the world, they posted the trailer to BRIDE WARS (starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson as best friends who, due to an error, have the same wedding day) and bashed the hell out of it. Not the movie. They haven’t seen the movie. The trailer. Based entirely on the trailer, this movie is apparently: “A steaming pile of monkey dung and an insult to women and brain cells.”

Now, I’m going to move right past the part where we differentiate brain cells and women and go to the women on women bullshit violence.

I haven’t seen Bride Wars. Neither has Jezebel. I do know that it stars women. ONLY WOMEN. And it is about women. And women, whether you like it or not, get married. Sometimes they care about their wedding, and sometimes they don’t. But certainly Jezebel can understand the need for a bit of plurality here. Can’t feminism embrace women who care about weddings without belittling those who don’t? I mean, what do I care if some girls spend 100K on a wedding and I don’t? Does it make my marriage a sham somehow? Are women really so insecure that we have to cut down that which does not fit into our narrow view of feminism in order to feel more feminist? When did feminism just become the new Mean Girl on the block?

This movie could mean that two actresses become major parts of the Hollywood system. They could become Julia Roberts because of this film. They could become the kind of players that they should be. And the comments basically make it sound like neither actress is smart enough to choose her own parts. Nice backstabbing ladies.

Feminism can’t be about cutting down something because it doesn’t fit into your view of what a women needs to be. I don’t mean that in a “it can’t cause it is bad.” I mean, “it can’t because that is the complete opposite of what feminism is meant to do.” I’m a feminist because it is the best way that I get to be what I who I want to be and I get to bring all my sisters-in-arms with me. If you want to kick me, Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson or anybody who likes girly things and being kick ass out of your club, go for it. You’re not a feminist when you do. You’re just a bitch saying mean girl things and calling yourself a feminist to make yourself beyond reproach. Big fat fail, Jezebel. I’ll still read you. But I’m not gonna trust you for awhile.

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