Okay I Know I KNOW I said I wouldn’t write about politics (long rambling ramble)

26 Oct


Wonkette had this up about Kevin Burke’s article in the National Review Online.  Here’s the logic.  Ready?

People who are Pro-Obama are liberals.  And liberals hate Sarah Palin because she makes us feel guilty for having abortions, and we aren’t ready to deal with icky feelings like that.

Yeah, let it settle with you for awhile.

So all people who are pro-choice have abortions?  Really?  And any and all Obama supporters are the same thing as all pro-choice, abortion addicted liberals?

Damn.  These polls must just be using the Planned Parenthood callsheets then, huh?

Here is what I think.

Pro-Obama supporters believe in plurality.  They acknowldge a wide range of personal, moral and fiscal choices and believe in personal responsiblity.  That upsets the right because they believe the world is binary.  Right/wrong.  White/Other.  Straight/Predator.  Real/Fake.

I accept that some people believe abortion is wrong.  I accept that I think abortion is a right that has to exist until sex education and birth control are 100% effective.  I accept that some people believe in the divinity of Jesus and that doesn’t change my belief in an oversoul.  I accept plurality.

Kevin, thinks I’m attacking him though:

Rather, this presents an opportunity to reach out to all who have been wounded by their participation in abortion with love and compassion. We must invite our post-abortive culture to leave the dead end road of anger and personal attacks on families like the Palins.

Holy shit, dude. Nobody is attacking her for having her kid or letting her kid have a kid. We’re attacking her for NOT GIVING US THE SAME CHOICE.  We are attacking her for calling herself a Walmart mom while being dressed and makeupped by Neiman Marcus.  We are attacking her because while we want to create a world where she can make her choices and we can make ours, she wants to create a world where only her choices are valid.

You preach the Bible.  But clearly, you don’t read it.  The Bible could be called the Pluralists Handbook.  Truly.  What other collection of stories has in it the ability to inspire not one, not two but three distinct religions?  What other book preaches tolerance, acceptance, magic, wisdom and a belief in the other while still being good on earth?  Why is it that those who read the Bible like to see it as a dictionary, available only when you want to look up one specific thing to prove your point?

But seriously?  If I was a Republican, and by that I mean a small government loving fiscal conservative who believed that individual freedoms (including that of privacy) are the most important freedoms of all, I would be looking for a new leader.  I’d be shopping for someone who believes that the individual is best able to make moral decisions and that any large orginization, under any stripe — be it religious, moral or quasi-governmental– poses a danger to individual freedom?  If I was that kind of person I would be pissed off at the Christian Right.  I’d be furious with anger.  Replacing government with God doesn’t create more individual freedoms.  It creates a more powerful centralized government.

When the Republican party no longer represents the counter-balance to the Democrats — when we no longer have a true balance of power — we are in serious trouble.  The idea of a two party system is an ongoing dialogue, a never ending Platonic debate where we are constantly re-evaluating the needs of the many and the needs of the few.  Has that debate gone quiet and can it ever come back?  Will we survive the next 9 days of election coverage?  I don’t know.  I am not hopeful anymore.  I’m more… curious.

One Response to “Okay I Know I KNOW I said I wouldn’t write about politics (long rambling ramble)”

  1. JW October 27, 2008 at 7:05 pm #

    I wasn’t going dignify Burke’s myopic article with a response but yours is spot on. Glad you expressed a rational point of view.

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