Hilary Supporters Who Now Support McCain — I am Absolutely Positively Done With Your Ignorance Part 2.

29 Oct

I want this to be fake. I wish it wasn’t being run by someone I know from college.  I wish I could read this site without laughing and crying at the same time.

These are people who don’t want to vote for Obama/Biden to teach everyone a lesson about electoral policies.  I’m not wading into the right and wrong of how we select a party candidate for president but voting for anyone to prove a point only proves that you don’t understand what your vote is for.

This is a representative government.  If you don’t vote for the person who best represents your values, you don’t know how to vote.

The people are real, they are dangerous and they are gaining momentum.  Please, please please don’t stop pushing for Obama/Biden until November 6th.  At the earliest. Nothing is done yet.  It ain’t over.

Seriously, they are repeating racist propoganda? What the fuck?

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