So I Said I Wouldn’t Post…

23 Jan

But I just started reading Peter Warren’s (AVN) Scrog Blog (which is NSFW in case you have just appeared on this planet and don’t know the A in AVN stands for Adult) which I found because of my new obsession with Kimberly Kane and her blog, Bad Advice.  Got that?  I started reading Peter after reading Kimberly who I found through another… you know what, this wasn’t why I wanted to post.

Peter has this great blog post about running into Ron Jeremy, and having this horrible moment where he thought Ron Jeremy and his mom might have had sex. Now, look, if you don’t know what Ron Jeremy looks like, this will help:

ronjeremyAnd it leads me to this story:

A few years ago Ben and I went to visit the set of a film that a producer I was working with was producing.  Ron is in the movie, but not having sex.  Does he even make porn anymore?  You know what, I don’t want to know.

Anyway, it turns out that Ron is a theater guy, a NY theater guy, and he and I start talking about theater and plays and he’s talking Neighborhood Playhouse and Circle Rep, talking about doing Ionesco.  This is Ron Jeremy.  Talking about Ionesco.  It turns out he went to City College.  And he graduated the same year as Ben’s mom.

Ron asks her name.  There’s a pause.  I can see the wheels turning.  What if Ron Jeremy recognizes Ben’s mom’s name?  I mean, Drogichen is pretty unusual.  He’s going to remember it.  Ben is staring at possible life altering mental scarring and he’s got to make a decision.  It’s go time. He uses her married name, Meyer, a name so banal at City College we might have said “girl from Queens with a penchant for Dylan.”

This is the guy you marry, ladies.  The guy who knows well enough to leave certain mental images alone.  When you find this guy, you’ll know.  Hopefully you won’t have to meet Ron Jeremy to find out.

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