Things I Need To Know From The SAG Awards

26 Jan

Why does Tina Fey hate her breasts so much?  Why does she put them in that horrible smushing breast thing?  I love her.  I love her breasts.  She should do the same.  Love them, Tina.  Love them.

Why isn’t Justin Kirk famous?  He should be seriously famous.  Hugely famous.  Crazy famous.


Why can’t Christina Hendricks just rule fashion?


What is up with the one shoulder dresses and how can I make it stop?  I really frigging hate the way it looks.

Part of it is I just don’t like Laura Linney enough.

Also, if you’re going to lose to someone, lose to Meryl Streep in yoga pants and a shrug she kept after being a bridesmaid in 1992, running through the audience like someone just told her she was the next contestant on The Price Is Right and then just rambling for 20 minutes.

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