A Day In The Life of Jezebel

28 Jan

sherri-newman-perhaps1. Post something about how a man in power has disappointed you by not giving you what you want. Cause nothing says feminist agenda like complaining from the sidelines.  Don’t discuss policy initiatives from other groups, like NARAL or Planned Parenthood.  Don’t get a quote from Nancy Keenan.  Don’t do anything but complain.  Awesome!

2. Post something making fun of poor people, or anyone you consider “trashy,” or basically any people who aren’t doing what you want them to do.  Say you are doing it for the children so people don’t notice you are doing it because you are classist.  Don’t post any intellectual response to it.  Instead talk about how “great it is” and how it is “great television” and you are “all over this shit” because it is awesome.  You don’t judge, you get it.

3. Revisit issues that aren’t really relevant to our society, e.g. women who want to marry rich.  So when poor people want to use sex to sell themselves you are all over that shit but when rich girls do it, they suck?  And so what?  They want to marry rich?  The same Constitution that gives me the right to equal protection gives them the right to marry anyone they want.  If one, just one, was a lesbian who married a sugar Mama you’d be so cool with that you’d bend in half trying to be cool with it.

4. Make fun of Dov Charney.

5. Make fun of gays.  But in a “girlfriend” way.

6. Bury something interesting.  What is that you say?  The female form is being worshipped in a healthy positive way?  Don’t talk about it.  Just link to someone else’s article.

7. Harsh on someone’s ad when it uses sex without thinking for a moment and realizing that this is a parody of sexy car commercials.

8. Write one (ONE!) piece on an actual issue of importance. Then don’t do any reporting.  Don’t call anyone, email anyone, try and find out if the law has been enacted anywhere else, what the logic is behind it.

Look, I want a great feminist website that is poppy and fun and intellectually stimulating without being boring.  And I want a wide range of opinions to be voiced by intelligent women.  But I’m afraid that this isn’t it.  It was, for awhile.  But now, like Bitch Magazine, it has become a set of knee jerk reactions instead of a place for intelligent discourse.  It lives within the Gawker universe, and I think that may be the reason why the work is so unnuanced.  I had hopes.  High hopes.  Disagree with the Jezebel writers about where sexual empowerment ends and sexual exploitation begins and they simply call “Crime against Womanity” (throw up, meet mouth) and then move on to something new.

Someone start something new.  Something better.  I think we deserve it.

One Response to “A Day In The Life of Jezebel”

  1. Plex Lowery February 21, 2009 at 1:13 am #

    I think that you hit it right on the head–there needs to be more difference of opinions and dialogues if a movement is to actually grow. I consider myself a social libertarian, but hesitantly; alot of the “yahoos” that front the party are retards that don’t really speak for the average libertarian. I’m a male, so my opinion probably wouldn’t be valid in the forum of feminism anyways *sigh*…

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