Coachella is next weekend….Win a t-shirt!!!!

12 Apr

Are you going? Do you feel like you need to drive out and sleep in the desert and buy shitaki mushrooms in the parking lot cause you then boyfriend and his friend think they are shrooms and then laugh when they eat the shitaki mushrooms and say “they taste like pizza sauce?” Are you going for the bands? For the tan? For the hipsters? To hook up? Is it because you think Paul McCartney is the dumbest idea ever for Coachella? I do.

The geniuses at Hipster Runoff did create the perfect car game while you’re friend Emilio drives his green-diesel car to Indio/while you wait for stacked parking to unfold from the lot at the end of the night like the worlds least responsive bowel movement.



First person to send bethblogs (email beth at bethschacter dot net) a bingo with photographic evidence from Coachella gets a Sad Psycho t-shirt from Threadless and their posts posted.  Do it! DO IT!  Contest starts next Friday at 7am and ends Monday at noon.  Photos from Glass House DO NOT COUNT.

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