Berkeley California Is A Nice Place to Live And Get Drunk On Hoppy Beer

28 Apr

I know, I know.  But I was dumb sorta and had never really noticed that Berkeley is nice and warm and the houses are pretty and they don’t have 110 degree summers.  And the people are nice.  Even the bris we attended was lovely and weird and really warm in the way that only ritual mutilation can be when done by a licensed professional.

After the bris and the deli meats and a trip to Ici for the best ice cream ever we went to Triple Rock Brewery.  Now we are not, as a rule, people who go out and get drunk.  But we did.  And on two beers.  Well, two beers and endless tastes of their home brewed masterpieces.  The Dragon’s Milk and the IPax were like chewing on hay, but in a good 10% alchohol kind of way.

And then I went to the bathroom.  Stumbled in there to discover a chart, clearly done by one woman, graphing the hotness of the bartenders. Now these guys are fine looking gentlemen, though one, Henry, plays in a jam band.  Yes, Henry, a “roots rock blues band” is a jam band.  It just is.  Trust me.  But what I loved is that this woman wanted me to know their hotness levels.  She knew I’d be drunk, not to mention married, when I visited.  So to help me out she charted the hotness.

And lest you think that she’s alone in her love for the Men Of Triple Rock, Triple Rock Door Guy (aka Chris) has a fan on Craigslist.

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