Maybe Kind of an addiction

9 May

I love Etsy.  I can easily spend the rest of my shopping days perusing hand made items, thinking about how I really need new silver bracelets and 80’s vintage go-go boots.  I’m becoming so addicted that I feel like I have to share my new favorite shops on Etsy.

1. Hot Hoops hoop earrings.  Wear them almost every day.  Light, silver, classy.  And look, Diane Lane!

2. Artlab.  Obsessed with her work after I read about her stuff on… I wanna say Tavi’s blog Style Rookie (look at my blogroll) but maybe somewhere else.  Anyway, Patricia has great stuff, I just got the J’Adore Couture shirt which I can’t wear today (beer) or tomorrow (bbq) but I think it will get an outing next week.

3. Shannon Ritscher’s Greenbelt. I have the world’s sexiest cuffs from her and sent some to my co-conspirator Jenny for her birthday.  Also, she’s a sweetheart.  Shannon.  Jenny too.

4. New fave and fellow Beth at Freshie and Zero. Waiting for my heart necklace.  Her stuff is so well made and artfully designed.

5. And finally the practical reusable paper towels from Athena Creates. We’re already obsessed.

Buying directly from the designer, shopping at home on-line and getting one of a kind stuff?  Yeah, Etsy is an addiction I will not apologize for.

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