Like The Museum of Jurassic Technology Meets ABC Carpet And Home

16 Jun

That is the best way I can describe the Clare Graham gallery. Our friend Dani brought us there on Saturday for Eagle Rock art walk (after we checked out our other friend Mollie Brown’s show which was awesome.)

This place is insane. We went back again right as they were closing and talked to the owner — he makes all of the art and then shows his vast and insane collection.

It used to be a Safeway in the 30s and then a rollerskating rink in the 50s. The ceilings are 27 feet high, the guy who owns it must be insane — he makes these crazy pieces from soda cans and bottle tops.

And his collections are nutty. Ancient phalluses (phalli?) steampunk glasses, taxidermy and skeletons, scary doll heads all in boxes, some famous Japanese artists wire pieces which are all super creepy and awesome.

It was as much fun as the Jurassic Technology museum and we were only slightly tipsy. I can’t imagine it high.

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