Monday Morning Quarterbacking Sunday Dinner (pt 1.)

22 Jun

Sunday dinner has become sort of a thing here once we had a dining room table.  Four years of eating on the couch in front of the TV ended with an Ikea purchase and some cloth napkins.  All of a sudden, we have dinner, with plates and silverware and we generall keep both feet on the ground.  Given my propensity to curl up while I eat and Ben’s to stand while he eats, this is a big deal.

And with the discovery of the awesome Atwater Farmers Market, Sunday dinner is becoming a big big deal.  We’ve used the Farmer’s Market to supplement meals, like last weeks swiss chard which we served with pork loin, and we’ve gone full farmer’s market, like two weeks ago with the seared tuna, sushi style, with a summer salad.

Here is this Sunday’s dinner with recipes.


Pan Seared Sea Bass on bed of seaweed salad, with roe and lemon

*Sea bass, fresh which I cut into filets about 1.5″ thick and four or five inches long
garlic, salt, herb, breadcrumb mix
vegetable oil
*seaweed salad
*salmon roe
*from fish stand at farmers market

rinse and pat fish dry. which I never used to do, but then I learned it stops spattering, so I did it, and it works
cover in rub, but don’t worry about consistency. just get it on there.
heat small amount of vegetable oil, which cooks at the perfect temp for fish. I use a medium/high heat, so that when you lay down the fish it gets a nice sizzle.
sear each side for 90 seconds to 2 minutes, shortening the cooking time as you go, so the last side only cooks for maybe 45 seconds. then squeeze half a lemon onto it at the last second, which will smoke like crazy and give it a great texture.

RESULT was perfect, and I should have stopped there cause…the salad does not get a pic cause I’m trying to perfect it. Here is what I did, and here is what I should try next time:


Leaf lettuce
goat cheese
peaches, sliced
balsamic vinegar

Make the salad, throw the goat cheese in the freezer for 10 minutes or more so it crumbles. Then sear the peaches on each side in a frying pan, sprinkle with pepper and deglaze with balsamic. Add goat cheese to salad, then dressing.

Problems: too gooey, too sweet, not enough flavor.
Next time: use more pepper, maybe cayenne and then finish with an acid, probably lemon juice. Also, maybe I need a better way to grill peaches. Can anyone help???

Please post suggestions!

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