Los Dodgers!

9 Oct

Despite crushing deadlines for both of us, we wandered over to Chavez Ravine yesterday at 3pm and other than the nice Aussie next to us catching a fly ball and Slash playing God Bless America, the game kind of sucked.  Well, it was nice to hear an entire stadium cheer for Kershaw, a pitcher whose number is older than he is, and who pitches the kind of slow, steady, almost perfect innings that make you realize how artful baseball is.

Then in the bottom of the 9th with, no lie, CASEY AT THE BAT, the whole game went apeshit crazy.  Yes, outfielder Holliday dropped a ball after getting caught between the moon and New York City.  No wait, between the sun and the stadium lights.  Anyway, with Blake on third and Pierre running it was about the loudest thing I have ever heard.  Like this, but ten times louder.

Baseball is a beautiful sport.  And when, on a cool October afternoon, a group of athletes win a game like that, and a stadium of people stumble out, half drunk on the fact that they saw the win, and got to participate just by showing up?  That is what makes sports an amazing thing to watch.  I know Manny is slow as shit and really should be ashamed of himself.  And I know Pujols is maybe the best player to be in baseball in, what, forever?  But right after that win, with 60,000 of my closest friends high fiving each other and laughing and hugging the restaurant workers and the cop on the corner saying he was from Brooklyn which made him an instant celebrity??? Right after that?  Baseball was perfect.

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