The 2010 in 2010 Rules (a work in progress)

1 Nov

1. The goal is to log 2010 miles between January 1, 2010 and January 1, 2011.

2. Loggable miles can be achieved by running, hiking or on the eliptical.

3. No more than 1/4 weekly 40 miles will be non-running miles.  Meaning I can hike 10, but I still have to run 30.  A week.

4. Logs will be posted monthly, and either confirmed with the Nike Running doohickey or a Body Bugg if I decide I need a Body Bugg, which bugs me because it is spelled with two gs. and that is cutesty and you know, nothing good came of cutesy.

5. There are no time limits on my runs.  If I have 10 miles to do in a day and it takes me four hours, so be it.  This is about mileage.

6. I really don’t want to quit.  So if I quit I should be punished somehow.  At first I thought my punishment should be that I have to give money to some organization that I despise, but that seems like a lose-lose.  Then I thought “tattoo of Yosemete Sam” but that seems really harsh.  I don’t know what my punishment should be for quitting.  Maybe wearing a t-shirt that says “I Am A Failure?” to a really important meeting?

7. Starting/ending weight and starting/ending measurements will not be posted until the end, if at all.

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